SXSW Startup Crawl 2018 Technology Trends

By Ryan Vice | Posted on March 10, 2018


SXSW Startup Technology Trends

We went to SXSW Startup Crawl 2018 in Austin Texas looking to find out what technology trends are looking like for startups in Austin. The video below shows some of the answers we got from the startup executives that we talked to.

What did we find?

Our unscientific summary of what the people we talked to seemed to like most is follows.

Front End

On the front end React Redux seems to be trending really hard. It seemed like everyone was either using React or wanting to migrate to it. On the opposite end we found lots of folks looking to move off Angular and towards React.

Back End

For backend technologies the top things seemed to be Node and Python with Go also getting some mentions. To my surprise I also found a few folks very excited about PHP. On the blockchain front it seems like Ethereum was very popular.

Dev Ops

In the dev ops space there was a lot of excitement around Kubernetes.

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