Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Services

From the initial concept to application launch, Vice Software delivers innovative, affordable application development services. Regardless of device or platform, we’ll guide your project to completion with steady hands and practical solutions.

Vice Software balances quality and value, offering superior mobile application development services at a rate unmatched by industry competitors. By using modern toolkits that compliment our lean development style, we are able to ship out high value applications that surpass our clients’ expectations.


Our globally distributed team of skilled developers keeps our rates as cost-effective as possible while allowing us to pull talent from the most competitive markets. To maintain our high standards we hold our mobile application development services to, our development team utilizes modern open-source toolkits from the biggest names in tech. With our approach, we are able to build your application just once, and then we can deploy native versions to other platforms of your choice including iPhone, Android and more.


Our custom application development services deliver a more personalized and streamlined experience for our clients. By working closely with project stakeholders, Vice Software builds a platform that will lead to more meaningful interactions between the business and it’s users. We create assets that put value with the business rather than individual employees and help them get more out of their investments in technology. Whether your business finds a home in the tech industry or you’re seeking a way to better connect with your customers, our experienced developers can create the tools that fit your business goals.


Vice Software offers a more reliable alternative to other mobile application development services. By only building what you ask for, we are able to more quickly introduce your users to the platform, and build on your MVP from there. Our unique development methods give our clients the experience of onshore developers with the cost-effective value of a rockstar offshore team.

Have a app you’re ready to develop? Get started by giving us just a little information about your development plans, and we can have a quote prepared faster than you can make a cup of coffee.

Our Technologies

Our diverse team of developers have the skills you’ve been looking for regardless of the size or scope of the project. In particular, our application development services delivers in these key areas to design superior mobile apps:

Cloud Application Architecture
Cloud Migration
.Net Specialists
Hybrid Application Development
All JS: React, Node and Angular
Microservices & Monolith Architecture
Scalable Engineering
Distributed Deployments

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“We work hand-in-hand with software companies and startups to bring brilliant ideas to life. Our software has helped customers generate over eight figures in revenue!”

Ryan Vice | CEO

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