Implement Your Application Modernization Strategy

Whether your legacy application requires rehosting or a complete overhaul, the experts at Vice Software will work closely with your business to find solutions. Together, we’ll create and implement an application modernization strategy guaranteed to deliver innovation and efficiency.

As your legacy systems become older and more cumbersome, your business needs to institute an application modernization strategy to restore usability, reduce costs and complexity, increase flexibility and enable cross-platform collaboration. Vice software evaluates your software thoroughly and assists you in developing and instituting a long-lasting, enduring strategy to modernize your antiquated applications.


Over the years, we’ve seen many instances of companies running their business processes with older assets, and we understand the dilemma these business face; to renovate or rebuild. Your application modernization strategy can take several different routes, and our application modernization experts work with your business to determine the most cost-effective and scalable methods. Utilizing the latest technologies and best practices, we ensure the process of migrating and updating your data adds no extra strain to your business practices while creating more value for you in the future.


To determine and implement a successful application modernization strategy, our team of experts and consultants work closely with our clients, monitoring their team to establish their business goals and how to best accomplish them. Vice Software is able to create assets that put value with the business rather than individual employees and help modernize the workplace through investments in new tools and technologies. Whether your application simply requires migrating to cloud storage or a total rebuild, our experienced architects find the solution that fits your business.


Vice Software offers a more reliable, valuable alternative to other affordable software modernization options. We treat each modernization project as a unique case, utilizing a variety of tools and skills to aid the application modernization strategy we’ve worked together with our clients to create. Due to our unique development methods, we are able to give our clients the experience of onshore architects with the cost-effective value of a rockstar offshore team.

Does your legacy application need an upgrade? Get started by giving us just a little information about your business and your needs, and we can have a quote prepared faster than Chinese takeout.

Our Technologies

Our experienced team of architects have the knowledge and skills to help your application modernization strategy be successful. No matter the size or scope of the project, we’ve got you covered. In particular, our application modernization services focus in these key areas:

Cloud Application Architecture
Cloud Migration
.Net Specialists
Hybrid Application Development
All JS: React, Node and Angular
Microservices & Monolith Architecture
Scalable Engineering
Distributed Deployments

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