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Vice Software Helps Ticket City with Mobile App Rewrite


Ticket City

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Austin, TX


Mobile Apps


Able to Reach Wider Audience, Lowered Cost


TicketCity is a trusted ticket reseller that has been in the industry for 30 years. They offer tickets to over 100,000 live events, including sports, concerts, and theater performances. In 2018, they had a mobile application written in Native IoS by a senior developer in Austin at a considerable cost of $250,000. However, the app only allowed ticket city to have an IoS app and not an Android app. At the time, developing an additional app for Android would have been very expensive for Ticket City.


TicketCity needed a replacement app that could be built for both IoS and Android at an affordable cost. The app needed to be reliable, user-friendly, and allow customers to access tickets and other related services.


Ticket City approached Vice Software, an agency that specializes in affordable predictable custom software. Vice Software offered to rewrite the app in React Native, a framework that allows developers to write code that can be used across different platforms. The Vice Software team was able to build a replacement app for both IoS and Android in just 6 weeks, at a cost of $50,000. The app was reliable, user-friendly, and allowed customers to access tickets and other related services.


The impact of Vice Software’s work was significant for Ticket City. With the new app, Ticket City was able to offer its customers access to its services on both IoS and Android platforms. This expanded its customer base and increased its revenue. Moreover, the app was delivered at a fraction of the cost of the previous app. The app’s reliability and user-friendliness resulted in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Finally, Vice Software’s work demonstrated that custom software development doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, and businesses can benefit from affordable and predictable software development.


In conclusion, Vice Software’s project with Ticket City highlights the importance of affordable and reliable custom software development. By rewriting the app in React Native, Vice Software helped Ticket City to expand its customer base, increase its revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. This project demonstrates that businesses can benefit from affordable and predictable software development without sacrificing quality or reliability.