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Partnering with Dash360 to Streamline Monthly Corporate Audit Processes

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Austin, TX


Multi-Tenant Web Application and API


Improved Project Management Efficiency and Accuracy


Vice Software was hired to build a multi-tenant web-based application for Dash360, a project management software for multi-billion dollar projects. The goal was to provide a solution that would eliminate the need for manual data entry, spreadsheets, and email communications, while providing a central location for all project data. The software needed to be easily accessible and usable by teams from various locations and backgrounds.

The Challenge

Dash360’s project management software was in high demand due to the growing need for accurate documentation, oversight, and cost estimation for major backers like the NSF, DOE, and DOD. The software needed to be built quickly and accurately to meet the demands of the market. The challenge for Vice Software was to estimate and deliver the project on time and within budget.


The Solution

Vice Software approached the project by gathering requirements and creating a detailed project plan with a timeline and budget. The team worked closely with Dash360’s project managers to ensure that all needs were addressed and the project was accurately estimated. They used their expertise in web-based software development to create a scalable, multi-tenant application that met all of the client’s requirements.

To ensure the project was delivered on time and within budget, Vice Software utilized agile development methodologies, with regular communication and collaboration between the development team and the client. The team also conducted rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure the software was free of errors and met all requirements.



The Result

The project was successfully delivered on time and within budget, with no surprises. The software was well-received by Dash360’s clients, who praised its ease of use and centralized approach to project management. Dash360’s project managers were able to provide accurate cost estimates and oversee projects with ease, thanks to the new software. Vice Software’s successful delivery of the project was a testament to their expertise in software development and their commitment to meeting their client’s needs.


Vice Software’s project for Dash360 was a resounding success, delivering a web-based, multi-collaboration tool that met the growing demands of the market. The software eliminated the need for manual data entry and provided a centralized location for all project data. The project was accurately estimated and delivered on time and within budget, thanks to the expertise and dedication of Vice Software’s development team. Dash360’s clients were pleased with the software’s ease of use and centralized approach to project management, making it a game changer in the industry.