The Benefits of Investing in App Development Services

By Ryan Vice | Posted on November 27, 2019

How To Succeed

Building an application for your business can be a very expensive process, costing anywhere from $10k to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the kind of software solution you’re looking for. However, bringing your company into the modern age with an app, whether it’s built for the web or mobile devices (or both), is becoming increasingly important to the success of your business. 

According to a survey Gartner, Inc., mobile apps are projected to have the most impact on business success by 2020. Software is versatile, able to address a myriad of processes – both inward and outward facing at your company – including sales, marketing, administration, manufacturing and delivery of your products and services. To understand why you should dig deep into your pockets for app development services, you need to learn the full power an application can have on your business on every level.

Q: How is Everyone Using Their Own Apps?

There are few different answers to that question.

A: To Increase User Interaction

Many different industries can benefit from an application that helps them to increase engagement with their consumers. Doctor’s offices, restaurants, gyms, boutiques, banks, and practically any other kind of business can be helped by technology that helps them improve interactions with the people they serve. 

For customers who have already chosen to give you their money, apps are an excellent way to enhance the customer experience. Users can easily search inventory, schedule appointments, update and edit their profile with required information, make payments and receive reminders or notifications. By making your business as open and easy to work with as possible, users will continue to choose you over competitors, allowing you to find stability and ultimately scale.

For prospects still on the fence about your company, an application can help you generate more awareness and engender greater trust through regular interactions. When you’re showing instead of telling them what you purport to offer, people are more likely to believe you, after all. It can also serve as an education tool, allowing users to get familiar with your products or services and eventually make a buying decision.  

A: To Provide More Insight and Tracking Capabilities

The great thing about taking consumer interactions digital via an app is that everything can be tracked. Regardless of the time or place, app users can research your products or services, sign up for subscriptions and manage their account with you – and all of this activity, when properly tracked and analyzed, can reveal a lot of valuable insights about your consumers.

By tracking sessions, you can have a full breakdown and timeline of each user action, allowing you to see every detail of your user journeys. With this data, you’ll discover existing points of frustration for users, problems with navigation, user reactions, completion time for each step of the user journey and how well you convert new customers. You can even analyze different types of users to collect more in-depth data. 

If you need an application that connects your internal processes and employees, tracking tools are no less useful. You’ll have access to a wealth of searchable data, reports, records and user trends that will help you understand what your business is doing well and where the pain points exist. Most importantly, with so much insight into your app, you can ensure that it’s accomplishing its intended purpose, and your investment into app development services did not go to waste. Software is a unique investment that can actually prove its worth to your business.

A: To Automate and Streamline Business Processes

There are a lot of different kinds of software on the market that can automate and streamline your business processes, whether it’s a POS system, a dynamic scheduling app, a project management software or any of the dozens of types of software Capterra has categories for. These pre-packaged applications are designed to fit as many businesses as possible though, and much like a unisex t-shirt, they end up being no one’s favorite purchase. A tailor-made piece of software is guaranteed to add value where you need it.

According to a survey from Red Hat in 2015, 35 percent of respondents said mobile apps have changed the way they do business by reinventing business processes, and an additional 37 percent say apps are primarily used to automate existing processes. These processes can include converting a manual documentation system to digital, automating the tracking of files, procedures and other items, eliminating bottlenecks caused by manual, time-consuming processes, increase accuracy by reducing human error and take on more specialized tasks at your discretion. 

When you invest in the services of a professional PHP development company, you’ll ultimately see that investment returned in more time as the application frees up resources for more critical tasks while it handles the daily, routine tasks. It also puts real-time data at your employees’ fingertips, significantly reducing the time it takes to provide services or customer support and automating decision-making processes. 

Vice Software’s App Development Services

Software applications can be uniquely designed to address the pain points of your business, suring up its foundation and giving you the freedom to grow a user base and scale up. While you can see a tremendous amount of value added to your company through custom app development, anyone who tells you it’s not a serious investment you shouldn’t consider thoroughly would by lying. However, once you’ve come to the conclusion that you need a technology solution, make sure you’ve done your homework to avoid spending an arm and a leg on subpar app development services. 

Vice Software will work with you to turn your ideas into a robust, fully customized application that checks all the boxes on your wishlist. Whether you’re a small startup or an enterprise corporation, our lean development style and expertise with modern toolkits ensure that your app is built right the first time and with lower development costs. Our unique approach allows us to develop your app just once and then deploy native versions to the platforms of your choice, regardless of if you want a mobile app, a web app or both. 

No matter where your business finds itself, our team of software engineers and developers have the knowledge and experience to build software that will modernize your workplace and improve customer relationships. To start making magic with us, just tell us about your dream application, and we’ll get a quote back to you before you finish that cup of coffee you’re drinking.

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